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water treatment chemicals aluminium chlorohydrate (ACH), coagulant สารเร่งการตกตะกอน ในน้ำ


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    POLYFLOC is a trademark of Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH) which the most effective coagulant. The effectiveness and the superior performance are due to:

  • The highest purity of ACH which results in minimal heavy metal contamination and can extend your membrane filters longevity and maintenance periods.
  • The maximum Alumina (Al2O3) of ACH is up to 24% helps in very good flocs formation, rapid settling, and very low dosage of use.
  • The high basicity helps reduce the pH-drop effect, as compared to other conventional coagulants.
  • POLYFLOC can work well in wide variety of raw water such as the very high turbidity water (>10,000 NTU), color in natural raw water, Iron and Manganese contaminated water, and the waste water from the industries.

Application of POLYFLOC

  • Industrial Process
  • Power Plant
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Food
  • Raw water which needs complicated treatment process



manufacturer  certified


TIS 2150-2546 ,


ISO9001:2015 ,